Top 20 Eminem Songs List

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With the 2011 Grammy Awards coming up, I decided that in honor of the best-selling artist of the past decade I would compile a greatest hits list for the 38 year-old-rapper. I have thought about it long and hard and here are my top picks by the one and only Marshall Mathers: DISCLAIMER – Not all of these songs are Eminem originals, some are simply featuring Em to where I believe he made the song.

Format: “Song”Artist Album – [Year]

20. “25 To Life” – Eminem – Recovery[2010] *

19. “The Way I Am” – Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP[2000]

18. “Not Afraid” – Eminem – Recovery[2010]

17. “Space Bound” – Eminem – Recovery[2010] *

16. “Mockingbird” – Eminem – Encore[2004]

15. “Stan [Feat. Dido]” – Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP[2000]

14. “Hailie’s Song” – Eminem – The Eminem Show[2002] *

13. “Sing For The Moment [Feat. Aerosmith]” – Eminem – The Eminem Show[2002]

12. “Drop The World [Feat. Eminem]” – Lil’ Wayne – Rebirth[2009]

11. “Love The Way You Lie [Feat. Rihanna]” – Eminem – Recovery[2010]

10. “When I’m Gone” – Eminem – Curtain Call[2005]

9. “White America” – Eminem – The Eminem Show[2002]

8“Cinderella Man” – Eminem – Recovery[2010] *

7. “Till I Collapse [Feat. Nate Dog]” – Eminem – The Eminem Show[2002] *

6. “No Love [Feat. Lil’ Wayne]” – Eminem – Recovery[2010]

5“Lose Yourself” – Eminem – 8 Mile (Soundtrack)[2002]

4“Infinite” – Eminem – Infinite [1996] *

3. “Like Toy Soldiers” – Eminem – Encore[2004]

2. “Beautiful” – Eminem – Relapse[2009]

1. “Forever [Feat. Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne, and Eminem]” – Drake – More Than A Game (Soundtrack)[2009]

* These videos are not official music videos.

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16 responses to “Top 20 Eminem Songs List

  1. As a bigger fan of Eminem’s older stuff….am quite disappointed that tracks that set Trends like Stan(undoubtedly his best song of all time) didnt make your top ten….neither did Role Model, the way i am and having forever at number one which is a song he essentially just featured in, beautiful at number 2 and leaving out songs such as guilty conscience on an eminem top 25 listing is unheard of……your list is totally devoid of songs from the Slim Shady Lp and Infinite……truthfully to me its quite disappointing but thats just me and we all have different tastes. My top 25 wud look something like this
    1.Stan 2.Lose Yourself 3.Role Model 4.The Way I am 6.Love the way you lie 7.My name is 8.97 bonny and Clyde 9.Sing for the moment 10.Infinite 11.Remember Me 12. No Love 13.3 AM 14.Till I Collapse 15.Rock Bottom 16.Guilty Conscience 17.Real Slim Shady 18.Without Me 19.Cleaning Out My Closet 20.Renegade 21.Yellow Brick Road 22.Forgot about Dre 23.Like Toy Soldiers 24.Mosh 25.White America

  2. @BoySlim I appreciate the opinion!! I do regret not putting “Bonnie and Clyde” on there, and especially “Forgot About Dre”!! But on the other hand, I just believe that his verse on forever was straight up genius! In my opinion it was the song that revived his career, not the Relapse album, not Recover, but him edging himself back in the picture with that smash hit. The way he comes into that song and the way he just figuratively sh!ts on the “3 best rappers at the moment” (according to those 3), it’s just absolutely amazing. I didn’t give the song #1, I gave Em’s part the #1. Another song you have there pretty high is “My Name Is”, and I don’t understand it. When I made this list “My Name Is” ended up being #21 so it just missed out on the list. Concerning the actual song though, I’m not much of a fan of it. I just think the content is absolutely ridiculous. Yes, I know that’s how a lot of Em’s stuff is, but I just couldn’t truthfully put it higher to make people happy. Also concerning his old old old stuff, I’m not going to lie, I don’t even have that stuff in my iTunes, I’ve probably heard Role Model, Remember Me, Renegade, and Yellow Brick Road, maybe twice each, maybe only once for some.

    But once again, thanks for the feedback!
    Not only does it help me, but it helps the viewers!

    Stay Close,

  3. I am disappointed that so many Recovery songs were featured on this list! Recovery is one of my least favourite Eminem albums, as so many of the tracks are less, well… hardcore. I wish songs such as Amityville [one of my faves!], Just Lose It, Encore/ Curtains Down, or I’m Back [all time fave.] weren’t on it. If you haven’t heard these ones, I recommend you take a listen. (:

    • Yeah I understand, you can tell I’m more of a fan of his more recent stuff. BUT, I think Recovery was an amazing album for both sides of the spectrum. I feel it brought back some of his older stuff, while also appealing to the current audience. Either way, it was an album that helped the most sellingest hip-hop artist in history restart his career. That in itself is amazing. But yeah, I understand that I left off some of his older songs, but also some of the one’s named here barely made the list. But hey, that’s just my input right. Thanks for the response, I appreciate the input! If you liked this, go check out my Blink 182 list and/or anything else on here. Feel free to comment, take the polls, do whatever. Thanks.


  4. wow your dumb putting forever no 1 where he has 1 verse thats not even that good putting his best song no doubt lose yourself at 5 all the rcovery songs cinderella man 8 even putting infinite anywhere obviously you arent that big of a n eminem fan and you need to listen to his old music

    • If it wasn’t clear before,

      “DISCLAIMER – Not all of these songs are Eminem originals, some are simply featuring Em to where I believe he made the song.”

      BUT, thank you for your opinion! To make this even clearer, I’m not saying “forever” is his best song, but I’m saying that his verse in there is one of his bests.. AND due to the popularity of the song, and my opinion that it wouldv’e been nothing without Em, that’s why it was on top. It was (in my opinion) the verse/song that reestablished his spot at the top of the rap game. YES, ON TOP, above Lil’ Gain.. oops.. I mean, Lil’ Wayne.

  5. Well I’m quite disappointed wid your list as for LOSE YOURSELF, WHEN I’M GONE ,BEAUTIFUL,NOT AFRAID and LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE .This is my top 5……!! and I swear you I’m a big EMINEM fan…!!

  6. 1.lose yourslef 2.stan 3. Not afraid 4.the way I am love the way you lie 7. Beautiful 8.when im gone out my closet 10.moking bird 11.the real slim shady 12.sing for the moment 13. Till I collapse 14.without me bound these my top 15

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