Bayside’s Version of “Killing Time” is a NEW ALBUM!!!

Wow, how I have waited for these New York natives to release some new music. It’s been a little over two years since their last full length album, “Shudder” (September 2008), and this album for me has been long overdue. If you couldn’t tell by the ‘witty title’, the title of the album is, “Killing Time”, and I have no issue ‘killing time’ by listening to it. Click the link below to read more, and/or click the album cover to buy “Killing Time” off iTunes.

Buy Now:

I’m not sure if I can claim a difference between this album with their older records, but I don’t see any reason for needing to. They stick to the plan, go though it, and end up with a quality product for everyone to enjoy. If you are a plan of punk or alternative rock, go get “Killing Time”, or any Bayside record for that matter. This punk quartet constructs the most elegantly lyricized tracks that will pull at you and make you feel emotion towards their songs. That is what I love about Bayside, they are a band that you can just chill out, lay down, put your headphones on, listen to their music, and just think about life. Just because I say their songs make you think, don’t think I’m saying they aren’t fun songs that will get you off your feet! I had the opportunity of seeing Bayside at Warped Tour 09′ and they were absolutely amazing! One of those bands that sounded just as good, if not better, than their studio work. At Warped Tour 09′ I was also blessed with the chance of meeting them, and getting their autographs backstage, and I can definitely say they are some of the more friendlier bands I have met. First here was the setting, it was about 100-105 degrees outside, they just played a live show, they were exhausted, and you can see it on body language as well as in their faces. I walked to backstage because I managed to get VIP passes, and I waited until they got their waters, and as soon as we made I contact they one at a time came to introduce themselves and socialize with my friends and I. You could tell by the conversation, and by how they acted towards us, and no matter how they were feeling, they were genuinely interested in meeting new fans. But I digress, back to the album. I have only listened to the album about twice through, and there are a couple tracks that stand out the most. A couple of these tracks are, “Sick Sick Sick”, “Mona Lisa”, and “On Love, On Life”. Being the first single off, “Killing Time”, “Sick Sick Sick” is naturally one of the best songs off this album. This song appears as though it is speaking of an ex-lover of some sort, and the wrong she had done to him. Although his smooth voice doesn’t seem like it, this is a very angry song. He declare that it makes him, “Sick Sick Sick”, to think about her. Like “Sick Sick Sick”, I believe “Mona Lisa” is referring to an Ex. This song sounds as though he is calling her perfect, hence, “Mona Lisa”. The song seems like it speaks about how he is so torn up about how the relationship failed. “Mona Lisa, you’ve really done something, done a number on all of my organs”, he claims. My favorite track on “Killing Time” at the moment is, “On Love, On Life”. This track is a beautiful quiet song that features a piano, an acoustic guitar, and Anthony (lead singer). This song appears to be questioning as to why people argue about the right and wrong in the world when it comes to things about religion and love, and why can’t the world just relax. “And I can’t let it bother me; If fact and fate just can’t agree on love on life; Can we stop taking ourselves too seriously?”, a message we all can listen to.

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