Did You Think Yellowcard Was Done? New YC Album!

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We were wrong! Yellowcard has just released their new album entitled, “When You’re Done Thinking, Say Yes”. This album brings me back to high school, and all the times I spent obsessing over this band. I’m not saying I’m going back to that, but this album is pretty good. You figure that since this is their seventh album it has got to be at worst, somewhat decent. This record reminds me alot of “Lights and Sounds”, the album some peopled viewed as a letdown coming off the success of “Ocean Avenue”. That’s not saying much though against “Lights and Sounds” since “Ocean Avenue” was the MTV2 Award winner at the 2004 VMAs. But I Digress. “When You’re Done Thinking, Say Yes”, is a wonderfully produced album that Yellowcard Fans and others alike would love. It is definitely an album to check out. So far my favorite song on this album is, “For You, And Your Denial” . Click the album cover to buy album off iTunes.





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