Paramore Fight Their “Monsters” With New Video

Credit to thatsLoud blog, click for their article:

When I heard that Paramore finally came out with a music video for this song,  I couldn’t wait to see it. Their past struggles and the eventual departure of Josh and Zac Farro, is clearly noticed as the backdrop of the story behind the song. Thus, making the anticipation for the music video even higher.

In terms of a ‘juiciness’ factor, this video did not disappoint. We see the band, the remaining  members that is, stuck inside what appears to be a mental hospital, lost and confused. On the other side of things, we also observe the same members playing/singing the song in another room, but angrily slamming and kicking the walls. These hits, slaps, kicks, etc. are making the walls crumble around their lost selves in the halls. This goes on the whole video until, the members all find themselves in an empty room… together. Not to mention, this is the same room they were playing the song, but like mentioned previously, they weren’t their playing anymore. Thus, becoming an infinite loop. In conclusion, this video may suggest that they are proclaiming that through all of the trouble, through all the pain, no matter how many people think they won’t make it or try to stop them, they will survive every time.




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