LHDC, “Folk Rap”


LHDC from Murfreesboro, TN has created a whole new amazing genre that I fall in love with every time I listen to it.  The description on their facebook page is as follows: “Our main interest as a band is exploring the possibilities that both folk and rap provide. We love folk. We love rap. We want to combine them in a way that others will embrace.” I think this hits the nail on the head perfectly, they have the folky acoustic guitar underneath the amazing rapping of  Dylan Phillips (@nobigdyl) then coming in out of nowhere comes Tyler Carson (@IHateLHDC) with his stellar vocals that tie it all together so perfectly.The best part of it is all their music is FREE to download! Just head on over to their facebook page and give them a like and start downloading this awesome groups’ music. http://www.facebook.com/lhdcnow

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