Check Out Hyperion Clothing!

Hyperion Clothing

This is just a lil something a good friend of mine and  H&H contributor started up a little while ago. This is his clothing line and there have been two shirt designs released and are already available for your purchase. One of these designs you will see in the picture below. Check it out! I’ve already got mine, now it’s your turn. Support him, his stuff is amazing! To check out the his stuff, click here, the image above, or click the link in the side bar. ENJOY!



A Rant for The Ages – “Sorry I’m Not Sorry…”

I absolutely hate that there are styles of music that are considered “mainstream”. For example, listen to the majority of songs on pop music stations, I can bet my life’s savings that 7/10 or 8/10 songs there will be some sort of electronic sound or some part with auto-tune. I’m no hipster, but I hate it when ‘artists’ such as Ke$ha and Lady Gaga are on the radio and making millions of dollars when there are more talented groups out there. There are bands/artists out there that have more talent in their little toe nail than in some popular artists’ entire bodies. That comment may seem like a bash on Ke$ha and Gaga, but it’s not an attack at them, it’s at the music industry today. To me, Lady Gaga is a genius; she doesn’t have much talent when it comes to singing, and I personally don’t know if she writes her own songs, BUT she is a marketing genius. She knows how to go out there and get her name permanently lodged in your brain. Basically all I’m saying is that the music industry / audience would recognize or at least give a chance to some of those groups out there that have the talent and/or are creating/recreating their genre. And that is all, there is my rant. Please feel free to reply and share your opinion here. To see what I’m talking about by terrible music being what is tearing up the radio waves and winning all the awards, click this video of Ke$ha live.

– jkinzbach


To All The Readers…

First off, THANK YOU for tuning into everything that I say and put up here, I hope yall find some music that you now love. Secondly, I am going to be in Switzerland for the next week and will most likely not be able to post on H & H during this time… So for now, I will give you a list of notable CD releases and if you have any you know of, please share with everyone. Click for more..

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Hear What We’re Hearing!

For some of you that don’t know about, it’s pretty much amazing. It is a form of internet radio, that also pulls from your ITunes library in order to form radio stations better personalized for you. They have all kinds of stats and charts that they receive from you simply listening to your music. Like the popular internet radio website Pandora, allows you to type in an artist you like, which allows you to listen to other artists like that. Unlike Pandora, plays everything you can think of, and not just the famous artists or songs. Unless that is all you want to listen to, I would get If you are looking to discover artists of your favorite style of music, once again, is for you. If you want to see what we’re listening to here, just check out our chart for our recently listened.