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Their name is Galt Aureus, and they is absolutely amazing! This is a case of very talented musicians not getting the credit they deserve. I’ve watched a couple of their videos on YouTube, but one in particular really strikes a chord with me. The video below is of that song, “Coming Down”. In addition to the lyrics and instrument work being really good, the guys voice is absolutely astounding. It’s hard to describe his voice in comparison to someone else, but my best attempt is like a mixture of Incubus and Daughtry. He is really really good, and I recommend him to everyone!


Simple but Amazing – Incubus’ Music Video

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Along with their amazing new album, Incubus has a new video for one of their new songs, “Adolescents”. Some people may consider videos like this to be boring because it’s just a film of the band playing the song, but in this case I disagree. This video is, like the title state, “simple but amazing”. The black and white film style is a beautiful choice for this group because to me it seems to correlate with their ‘mellow sound’. Later in the video there are some slow motion breaks and other dramatic effects that make an amazing video out of what some may call, boring. click for more. ENJOY!

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