Here’s To SXSW Coming Soon!

The famous annual festival is coming again in a few weeks, and there seems to be a lot of buzz surrounding this years’ shows. This year popular acts such as Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Hellogoodbye, Stars, and many more. SXSW Music Festival will take place from March 13-18, and as always, in the ATX, Austin, Texas. For more information visit the SXSW website. Here are some SXSW performances/videos to celebrate the coming shows!

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Hold Christofer Drew’s Hand! Well Kinda…

To all of you fans of Never Shout Never, it’s now time to get excited. For his new album, Christofer Drew is releasing a “Limited Edition Time Travel Lithograph + CD Bundle“. So now, not only can you be excited for the new album entitled, “Time Travel”, but you can also be pumped for some extra goodies.

The Bundle includes:

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Prepare Your Mind, It’s About To Be Blown! – “H&H: Video To Watch For”

Like the title states, this song is going to blow your mind! It’s 3:00 A.M. and I can’t sleep, so what do I do? I look for music, that’s what. I have never been more confused after finding this band! By confused I mean, ‘holy-crap-this-is-so-awesome-but-what-kind-of-person-would-think-of-this’ kind of confusion. Just think about this: the best way to describe this band is if you had a band like Panic At The Disco or Fall Out Boy, and you forced them to make a baby with Darude or the Benassi Bros. Yes, I am saying this is what the end product would be a scene – techno love spawn. Weird right? BUT, so good! This band is called, And Then There Were None, and I recommend you give them a listen. My favorite song by them is, “The Hospital“, but the video below is for their song, “Thank The Watchmaker” which is also a very good song. Check them out, it will be worth your time! ENJOY!

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MTV Video Awards: Nominees & Predictions!

In recent sight of the release of the nominees for the MTV VMAs I decided it may stir up some conversation to perhaps present my own opinions on who should win, as well as who I think will win. Feel free to put some of your own insight in the comment box and let me know what you think about these nominees. Tell me what you think by picking your winners here. ENJOY.

Most Nominations:

  1. Katy Perry9 nominations
  2. Adele8 nominations
  3. Kanye West6 nominations
  4. Bruno Mars5 nominations


Best Art Direction Nominees

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Sounds for SUMMER… again!

About a month ago I made a post showing y’all a few of my top songs to listen to in the Summer. Well here I am again, a month later, bringing y’all another post with some songs that I have started to like more and more over the summer. Not all of these songs are new, and some aren’t even remotely close to being new, but they are songs that I have enjoyed listening to this Summer. ENJOY!

Format: “Song” | Artist | Album | Genre

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Breathe Carolina, “Hell Is What You Make It”. NEW BC ALBUM!

Buy on iTunes:

This Pop/Screamo duo is back with their third full-length record entitled, “Hell Is What You Make It”. Being known for their ‘hardcore’ mixed with techno/dance style, Breathe Carolina continues this image of being the rockers you can dance to. In addition, this album introduces some dub-step to their recorded music, just as they have started using some during their shows. One of these ‘dub-step songs’ that I enjoy on this album is, “Chemicals”, “Get Off Easy”, and “Edge of Heaven”. Although BC is known for their dance music style, this album raises the bar when it comes to a dance-factor. For example, when I listen to some of these songs, most of my focus is on the background music, rather than the words of the songs. Songs that make me feel this way are, “Sweat It Out” and “Blackout”. “Blackout” is currently out on iTunes for a free download, click here. The music on this disk is almost to the point where I want to call it experimental, simply because the techno beats sound so odd when compared to the norm. However, this album does disappoint me in some instances. Their appears to be a large massive loss of rock/screamo in these songs. BUT, on the other hand again, the songs that do have some screaming/rock do not disappoint at all! The songs that are most recognizable of having screaming are, “Wooly” and “Lauren’s Song”. Besides these, the screaming is usually just in the background and can barely be heard under the synths of the techno. It may be cliché to some for me to say this, but it almost sounds like they are trying to become a part of the mainstream. The only credit I can give them is they are doing it in the way that they want to have their own sound in the mainstream. Yes, confusing I know. They sound like contradicting sentences, but no. Just think about it. Overall I think this is decent/pretty good album, but as a LONG time Breathe Carolina fan, I am quite disappointed.

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