Barely Blind New Video and a FREE ALBUM!

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I still don’t understand how these guys haven’t hit the big time yet! The combination of their lyrics and their infectious style leads me to believe their success should have came already. With a sound like a pop-punk version Taking Back Sunday, they have the potential to captivate a wide audience of people. Check out their new video for the song, “Silver Lake”. Even if you don’t like the song, maybe you’d like the video, it’s pretty sick! ALSO, for those of you who did enjoy their music, or at least want to hear more, click the image above to download their free album, “Wilder Child of a Thousand Suns”. I repeat, FOR FREE. Either way, it’s free music people!


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Video To Watch For: “All I Do” – Dylan Owen

Where can I start..? That’s right, “THIS DUDE IS SICK!”, could probably sum it up just right. As you can see from the title, his name is Dylan Owen. He’s an unsigned rapper from New York who has already released two EPs along with his most recent work, a full-length album entitled, “Senioritis”. This record also features some collaborations with artists like A-Team and Mac Lethal  You can grab yourself a copy of “Senioritis” off of iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, DigStation, and Check out his website, ‘like’ his Facebook page, follow his Twitter, and check out his YouTube channel. For now, check out his video for “All I Do”, his submission to Jon Kilmer’s Sheep, Jeep, and Beats Contest.

Max Bemis Solo Tour Highlights!!

Max Bemis & Sherri DuPree Bemis

It’s hard not to put every song on there. Last night, Max Bemis’s acoustic show was what some may call, “a religious experience”. I have never been so into a show in my life. I’m literally getting chills thinking about it. The most memorable moment from the show was when he left the stage. You could see the sadness in every fans’ eyes and you can hear it in their cries for “One more song! One more song!”, and the,”We want Max! We want Max!”. Then, from this, of course he came back on stage, and this is where things got real. I had never seen an artist so appreciative of his fans in my life! As he came back out onto stage, tears beginning to form in Max’s eyes became visible. I’m not going to say he cried, because that’s not true. But, the fact he was so struck by all of the love and support wouldn’t allow him to go through without a fight. After all of the thank yous, etc. Max began to play again. He then finished with three of his many great songs, “Chlorine Bath”, “I Want To Know Your Plans”, and “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too”. On top of this, his wife (Sherri DuPree of Eisley) played a set list and they sang together. Hell, Max even premiered a new Say Anything song appropriately entitled, “Say Anything”. Wow! What a show! — check out the videos below. Also, check out the pictures page for some pictures from the show!

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Needing To Relax? Here’s Something To Listen To!

Here is a awesome playlist of some songs you can relax to. Whether you’re doing homework, laying down, hanging with friends, or whatever else you do to relax, I can guarantee that these songs will help ensure you that mellow mood you are wanting/feeling. The video below is a YouTube playlist in the order of the songs below. If the video doesn’t work, try the link after.


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Anyone Against Polygamy?? Alex Winston – Video To Watch For!

If you aren’t some one who supports a man having multiple wives, or “Sisterwives”, I can reassure you that you still can’t deny this song. Paired with an even stranger video, Alex Winston’s Jam, “Sisterwife”, is one song that will have hipsters and others alike dancing at your next party.

Dexter’s Kin Wants You To “Spill Out The Lies”!

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I had never heard of this band until I got this video sent to me via YouTube from one of the band members, and I am glad they did. This song is quite catchy, as is all of their other songs I’ve heard. The video may be understood as a re-creation of a hard night of partying for someone with inner problems. Sounds dark, but don’t worry it’s not as depressing as it sounds. No one is going to jump off a cliff, shoot themselves, take sleeping pills, etc. In the video it just chronologically follows the lead singer from the beginning of the night all the way to the end. In the beginning everything seems happy, but it becomes apparent that through all of the fun, he still wants something more. It’s truly a great video, and an amazing song. Click read more to check it out! ENJOY!

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Sinatti Pop Just Wants to be “Popular”!

I’m not the biggest fan of rap and hip-hop, but this song is catchy as hell! I was hesitant to check it out because it was sent as a spam message in my email, but I’m glad I did. This song would be a perfect addition to your party mix! Check out the video below to listen to “Popular” by Sinatti Pop, and tell me what you think. ENJOY!