Need To Know Artist:

The Holding

Here is my interview with up-and-coming alternative-pop-punk band The Holding. Hope you enjoy and check these guys out!

H&H: Where did you get the name “The Holding”? What is it’s significance?

The Holding: I was in the studio with jeff blue and we we’re thinking of band names and I just threw out The Holding and it stuck.

H&H: How did you go about starting the band? For what reasons (money, fame, fun, etc.)?

TH: I’d always been playing guitar and singing ever since i was like 9, so it just came naturally starting bands and playing shows. Honestly as cliche as its sounds i started a band to play music with other people who shared my passion.

H&H: How would you describe your music?

TH: Its like alternative pop rock. we’re like a modern day 90’s band, if that makes sense. Songs that you want to listen to because they have great meanings.

H&H: What artists had/have the biggest influence on you?

TH: Fuel, STP, Matchbox 20, Live, Rascal Flatts, Train to name a few.

H&H: Who outside of music do you feel is your biggest influence?

TH: My family. they make it all worth it.

H&H: According to your website you have an album coming out in 2011, has their been a determined release date?

TH: Not yet, we keep one uping songs so we keep pushing the date. but it will be out asap!

H&H: Where could our readers go to purchase your album?


H&H: Do you have a favorite song of yours, whether it be to perform or to listen to?

TH: Barely Breathing is one of my favorites to listen to and play live, but Misunderstood is a close second.

H&H: Do you guys have any funny stories, experiences, etc. from past shows and/or tours.

TH: Tour is just one giant funny story. most of the stories i would have to be face to face to really get the craziness across. I’d say the night we took 3 large buckets of golf balls and chipped them into the ocean was pretty fun though.

H&H: Do yall have any pre-show rituals?

TH: Tons of honey and tea, vocal warm ups and our harmony tuning haha.

H&H: Do you guys have a favorite song to play that isn’t one of your own?

TH: I love playing Freshmen by The Verve Pipe

H&H: What’s the best part of being in a band?

TH: Playing music for people who love music.

H&H: What’s the hardest part of being in a band?

TH: There’s a hard part about being in a band? haha. just kidding the industry now a days makes it very hard for artists to survive. so i’d say staying relevant is the hardest part.

H&H: Do you have any suggestions for those hoping to start a band and make music?

TH: One of my favorite quotes for this is The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and villains run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a bad side” for anyone getting into the business be prepared for a long ride where everyone lies and steals from you. Its going to be hardest thing you’ve ever done and there are never any guarantees but if you love music its worth it when you hit the stage.

H&H: Is there anything you would like to add? Anything for the fans?

TH: We love all of you. thank you for the love and support and for allowing us to do what we love. we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

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