Barely Blind New Video and a FREE ALBUM!

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I still don’t understand how these guys haven’t hit the big time yet! The combination of their lyrics and their infectious style leads me to believe their success should have came already. With a sound like a pop-punk version Taking Back Sunday, they have the potential to captivate a wide audience of people. Check out their new video for the song, “Silver Lake”. Even if you don’t like the song, maybe you’d like the video, it’s pretty sick! ALSO, for those of you who did enjoy their music, or at least want to hear more, click the image above to download their free album, “Wilder Child of a Thousand Suns”. I repeat, FOR FREE. Either way, it’s free music people!


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New Year, and a New Band! Check out: The Parade

Click to buy the single "I Miss You" on iTunes:

Click to buy the single "I Miss You" on iTunes:

Man! How boredom can benefit you! I was searching the ‘twitterverse’ for new people to follow, and what I found was this band known as The Parade. Continue reading

New Never Shout Never Album, “Time Travel”

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First off, We’ve been gone for a month now so I apologize for that!! Moving on… Wow! I don’t even know what to say about this album. Prior to the release of “Time Travel”, I had always been a huge fan of Christofer Drew’s work, so clearly I already had high expectations for this record. Continue reading

Dexter’s Kin Wants You To “Spill Out The Lies”!

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I had never heard of this band until I got this video sent to me via YouTube from one of the band members, and I am glad they did. This song is quite catchy, as is all of their other songs I’ve heard. The video may be understood as a re-creation of a hard night of partying for someone with inner problems. Sounds dark, but don’t worry it’s not as depressing as it sounds. No one is going to jump off a cliff, shoot themselves, take sleeping pills, etc. In the video it just chronologically follows the lead singer from the beginning of the night all the way to the end. In the beginning everything seems happy, but it becomes apparent that through all of the fun, he still wants something more. It’s truly a great video, and an amazing song. Click read more to check it out! ENJOY!

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