Barely Blind New Video and a FREE ALBUM!

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I still don’t understand how these guys haven’t hit the big time yet! The combination of their lyrics and their infectious style leads me to believe their success should have came already. With a sound like a pop-punk version Taking Back Sunday, they have the potential to captivate a wide audience of people. Check out their new video for the song, “Silver Lake”. Even if you don’t like the song, maybe you’d like the video, it’s pretty sick! ALSO, for those of you who did enjoy their music, or at least want to hear more, click the image above to download their free album, “Wilder Child of a Thousand Suns”. I repeat, FOR FREE. Either way, it’s free music people!


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Chill! The Latest Mix For You Guys To Relax To!

“More Than Life” by: Whitley

“It Is Hidden” by: Marching Band

“Broken Horse” by: Freelance Whales

“Concrete Wall” by: Zee Avi

“Dog Problems” by: The Format

“Winter” by: Joshua Radin

“Just Say Yes” by: Snow Patrol

“Mystery Man” by: Jupiter One

“Piazza, The New York Catcher” by: Belle & Sebastian

“We’re Going To Be Friends” by: The White Stripes

“The Book Report” by: Dylan Owen

Win Free Tickets to Go See Bemused Live in Concert!!

Hello everybody! I am pleased to inform you that I am hosting a contest for you to win tickets to go see alternative/rock group Bemused. The concert is at Moe’s Original BBQ in Denver, Colorado, so if you live near there you can go check them out for FREE! If you don’t live near there, I’m sorry, but I guess you could A) pay for a flight and then get in for free, or B) give them to someone you know that lives in Denver. SO, here is the deal:

If you can be one of the first 5 people answer the following trivia question, you will win a pair of tickets for the show.

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