Video To Watch For: “All I Do” – Dylan Owen

Where can I start..? That’s right, “THIS DUDE IS SICK!”, could probably sum it up just right. As you can see from the title, his name is Dylan Owen. He’s an unsigned rapper from New York who has already released two EPs along with his most recent work, a full-length album entitled, “Senioritis”. This record also features some collaborations with artists like A-Team and Mac Lethal  You can grab yourself a copy of “Senioritis” off of iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, DigStation, and Check out his website, ‘like’ his Facebook page, follow his Twitter, and check out his YouTube channel. For now, check out his video for “All I Do”, his submission to Jon Kilmer’s Sheep, Jeep, and Beats Contest.


Sinatti Pop Just Wants to be “Popular”!

I’m not the biggest fan of rap and hip-hop, but this song is catchy as hell! I was hesitant to check it out because it was sent as a spam message in my email, but I’m glad I did. This song would be a perfect addition to your party mix! Check out the video below to listen to “Popular” by Sinatti Pop, and tell me what you think. ENJOY!