New Year, and a New Band! Check out: The Parade

Click to buy the single "I Miss You" on iTunes:

Click to buy the single "I Miss You" on iTunes:

Man! How boredom can benefit you! I was searching the ‘twitterverse’ for new people to follow, and what I found was this band known as The Parade. Continue reading


Top Blink 182 Songs EVER!!!

Blink 182 has been one of those bands that I have never gotten sick of. Whether a song came out in that past year, or even the past ten years, it doesn’t matter, I never get sick of them. Although there have been issues with the band and reformations of other bands at Blink’s expense (Transplants, Box Car Racer, Angels & Airwaves, and +44), their music has been solidified in minds of many. Whether it be their #1 hit singles, “All The Small Things” and “I Miss You”, or their others songs on their albums, Blink 182’s music could be considered as some of the best in history. Even if it’s a sad song such as, “Adam’s Song”, or an uptempo song such as, “First Date”, Blink’s music will pull you in and make you forget about anything going on in your world. I have not met one person that does not like at least one song by Blink, and couldn’t see myself ever meeting anyone with negative thoughts about them. So in honor of these California punk-rockers, I have pulled together a list of my favorite songs by Blink and as well as some songs from the spin-off bands. Since I personally believe blink is really hard to narrow down so low, I am going to tell y’all my top 50 songs. I will be counting down throughout the week. Linked to the song titles are music videos for each song found on YouTube. Let me know what you think!!!

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*link is to unofficial video **link is to live video
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